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North Suburban Kiwanis Volunteers Help Local Bridging Build Dressers

On Saturday, April 20, the North Suburban Kiwanis club gathered together to lend a helping hand to the local non-profit organization Bridging. The volunteers from the Kiwanis club put their carpentry skills to good use by assisting in building a couple of dressers for Bridging's clients in need.

For those unfamiliar, Bridging is a remarkable organization that helps individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness by providing them with essential furniture and household items. By supplying these items, Bridging aims to create a sense of stability and comfort for those in need as they rebuild their lives.

The act of building these dressers may seem small, but its impact is significant. By providing furniture to those in need, Bridging and North Suburban Kiwanis are not only furnishing homes but also restoring dignity and hope to individuals and families who are starting anew.

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